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If you like our philosophy, if you believe that together we can grow and develop great ideas, don't hesitate to contact us! We are always happy to receive suggestions or collaboration proposals.


meta_ is an ever-developing reality, where simply "panta rei"____


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meta_ is a multidisciplinary studio, which mainly deals with art and visual communication.


We are a designer duo Traveling Along dream and reality, unconsciousness and consciousness, determination and sensitivity, knowledge and Imagination. Contrasts and unpredictability are the pillars of the continuous experimentation that defines our essence_

Our work goes through design and art, fashion and photography, graphics, video, and everything related to the visual arts.


We believe that these fields, so different from each other, are actually part of one unique universe, that of meta_culture. Here they combine and change, evolve and together create new and unexpected perspectives, just waiting to be explored_

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