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Creative Hub

StudioSciolto was born in 2018 in Lecce, south of an Italy for which creativity and the arts are now something you can do without, something “not productive”.

We started right here, from the anger and the bitterness for this commonly widespread thought, which has made our generation of creatives a group of passionate and capable people, forced however on the margins of society and often below the poverty line.

We asked ourselves, how was this possible? What can we do to change it?

The answer did not come as if by magic, we searched for it for a long time, studied it, built it.

We started by deciding: let’s do it! Thus was born our response, through this great project and thanks to a great willpower: StudioSciolto took shape and content during months of hard work, slowly taking on the appearance of a container of ideas, a creative hub made of people and ideals. A place that was a destination and venue for meetings, ideas and discussions; a space to learn, build and work; a meeting point where our desires and ambitions are molded into projects, products and solutions for a better life.

Our intent was to give those who come after us a point of reference, something that could be of help and example for those who think they cannot do it alone: ​​now we hope that no one will be anymore, because in Lecce, in a small alley in the historic center, there is a magical place where you can feel yourself and be yourself. A place that can be your place.

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“…A magical place where you can feel yourself and be yourself. A place that can be your place.”


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